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Willard Manufacturing is an industry leader in providing turnkey contract manufacturing solutions for clients in the personal care and household cleaning markets. Equipped with specialty filling, ultra high-speed, and powder filling equipment, Willard’s wide ranging capabilities and complex quality assurance protocol has assisted our clients in marketing their products throughout North America and around the world. Today, products that are produced by Willard can be found on the shelves of mass market grocery, drug and mass merchandise retailers.

Willard Manufacturing's turnkey solution includes formulation, development, package design, manufacturing, filling and packaging. The products Willard produces have expanded over the years to meet customer demand and currently include: skin care, hair care, deodorant/antiperspirant, bath and spa, oral care, body powders, cleaners, pet care, automotive care, and OTC items. Separate production facilities are utilized where specialized environments are required.

Willard Manufacturing is licensed to formulate and manufacture high alcohol content products. Our facility is certified by the FDA and maintains numerous establishment licenses. We maintain an extensive validation program of process and laboratory equipment.

Willard Manufacturing's mission is to provide complete customer satisfaction by delivering cost-effective personal care and household cleaning solutions to our customers. We have assembled a team of industry experts to help build Willard into a powerhouse that is trusted by our customers as a dynamic manufacturing partner that provides quality, reliability and flexibility.

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